Mums & Tots


Bond with your little one over music and movement in Mandarin!


It’s best to start your young child’s exposure to new languages early, this is the perfect age to start learning the tones in Mandarin. Words, sounds and tones are introduced through music, movement and games! This highly interactive, fun program benefits both the child and the parent.


Large spacious classroom, with plenty of room for active little ones to run, jump, roll around and explore! With a minimum of two dedicated teachers to a group and a maximum of 8 children in a class, there is plenty of attention, hand-holding and cuddles to go around. Expect lots of giggling and come ready for high-energy, fun learning!



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How we teach:


Classes are built around theme related activities ( e.g. animals, transportation, everyday life) to boost the child’s learning of the words, tones and sounds of Mandarin.


Learning tools such as building blocks, storytelling, Chinese rhythm & nursery rhymes and body movement are used to bring the language to life!


To find out more about our teaching approach, click here!


Parent Testimonial:


Laura Barrett

“Ella and I have been attending the Little Mandarins’ Mum & Tots class for over a month. We love it! The teachers are patient and engaging, which is great, especially for Ella who likes to run around.  I like that they have lots of fun activities so the children are always interested and never bored. Sessions are conducted in a bright and spacious classroom with lots of space for movement. Ella looks forward to attending class every week and we have fun practicing what we’ve learnt at home! ”



18 - 33 months


1 hr


Mon, Tue, Wed, Thurs, Sat

10am – 11am


Schedule subject to change. Class timings may change during term time. Please call to enquire.