Little Mandarins was born of one Mum’s quest to help her daughter acquire Mandarin successfully. Ying-Ying Miller discovered that Mandarin programmes available to young children were either outdated learning by rote that seemed designed to crush a child’s spirit, or simply too unstructured to be truly effective.


Ying’s search grew into an investigation of new developments in education and child psychology. This has led to the creation of a system that uniquely brings together the best teaching methods of East and West.


Together with like-minded partners, Ying co-founded Little Mandarins in 2006. Informal classes started in her living room where a few kids were learning Mandarin happily and successfully. News of this refreshing approach soon spread. By August 2007 Little Mandarins officially moved into their own premises in the wooded enclave of Dempsey Road. Continued success sees Little Mandarins opening another branch in Loewen Road.