LM LearningSpaceTM

Our Teaching Approach

We keep our classes small, a maximum of 8. This allows us to take note of individual needs and differences, to set specific goals for each child and make sure they are achieved as we work with the Little Mandarins’ exclusive LearningSpace principles of Play, Grow, Make, Care, Share.

Play for Little Mandarins means working with others to invent and enjoy games, both physical and intellectual. Vocabulary and dialogue are absorbed as part of the fun.

Grow goes to the heart of what it is to be a child. The simple task of taking one’s own height is fascinating because it changes, as do the words that record it. The nurturing of a plant encourages ownership – not only of a living thing but also of the language needed to describe it.

Make harnesses the creativity natural to all children and which ignites curiosity and wonderment about how even the simplest of objects are put together. The fun and reward of creating something new is naturally associated with language as materials and concepts are brought together with the help of our teachers.

Care and Share are concepts familiar to today’s children and provide a great starting point for them to start vocalizing principles they already know.

The disciplines of repetition and assessment essential to structured learning become easy and entertaining when they happen within Little Mandarins LearningSpace.

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