Our Franchise

Join us to revolutionise how Mandarin is taught for the next generation of children. We are now looking for like-minded partners in Singapore and Overseas to grow the Little Mandarins brand.

Why Little Mandarins?

1. Proprietary Teaching Curriculum & Materials

We have developed a unique curriculum that integrates creative Western teaching methods with the rigour and discipline of Eastern Values to provide a rewarding learning experience for our students. We constantly stay abreast of industry trends and developments to continuously improve our methodology and our students’ learning experience.

2. Affordable Initial Investment with Multiple Revenue Streams

Developed over 10 years, we present you with a business model of just the right size for market entry and immediate operations. This optimum size is also primed for building scale through multiple revenue streams as the business grows.

3. Comprehensive Startup Support

You will receive comprehensive startup support and advice on all aspects of setting up your Little Mandarins centre, which include site selection, space planning, renovation and fitting out. All these will ensure that your centre retains the necessary elements of the Little Mandarins physical environment to bring out The LearningSpaceTM methodology effectively.

4. Comprehensive Franchise Manuals

A set of user-friendly and easy to understand Franchise Manuals will be made available to you during the term of the franchise. This will provide you with an in-depth understanding of the operations and systems of our business, equipping you with the know-how and skills to best deliver the Little Mandarins brand experience to students and parents.

5. Sustainable Competitive Advantage Through the Right Teaching Environment

During the initial setup phase, we will guide you in the areas of recruiting, assessing and hiring of teachers in order to ensure that only candidates of the right profile are selected. Your teachers will undergo our proprietary training program as well as ongoing professional training to equip them with our teaching method. We will also work with you to create the same flourishing environment for your teachers, creating a competitive edge that truly sets Little Mandarins apart.

Let’s make learning Mandarin FUN, RELEVANT & EFFECTIVE!

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