Kindergarten 1 & Kindergarten 2


丰富的课程内容, 您的孩子将顺利地接洽小学学习生活。轻松 应对教育考核, 信心十足!


Getting ready for Primary 1! These programmes have been developed to improve listening and comprehension skills, grow students’ vocabulary of common words and cultivate speaking skills.


Hands-on, interactive and dynamic activities help to foster better retention of the language. We patiently coax and encourage students, enabling them to come up with responses in Mandarin themselves. Our aim is to build the foundation blocks of a child who is at ease with the language, slowly adding layers of complexity as he or she matures.


Practice, practice, practice is the key to success!


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5 - 6 years


1 hr 15 mins


Tues, Thurs

9:45 – 11am


4:30 – 5:15pm


Schedule subject to change. Class timings may change during term time. Please call to enquire.